Back in 2009 Vauxhall’s American parent company, General Motors, was bankrupt. The original Chevrolet Volt, known here as the Vauxhall Ampera, helped to save it. Whilst it was still under development, the Volt was considered among the crown jewels of the recovery and its future was never in jeopardy. In the end it was a smash hit; not through the actual sales as they were not enough to save the company by itself, but by being successful enough for its aura to spread through the rest of the range and give customers confidence. But for that, the proposed sale of Vauxhall and Opel to a Russian-Canadian-American consortium would most likely have gone through. The electrical revolution is already a world-wide influence.

After that build up, it is sad to note that, whilst a new version of this car has been developed and is on sale in the USA, it has been decided not to continue selling the car in the UK.

BEV models no longer available:



Sadly no longer with us, the Ampera is not a plug-in hybrid, but its rarer cousin, a range-extender electric Vehicle. The batteries drive the wheels and the engine, when necessary, charges the batteries. The claimed 175mpg is as wild as ever, with 45mpg being more likely. But with a reasonable electric-only range of over 30 miles, the former figure can be achieved by devout townies. This is all helped by a CO2 rating of 27g/km and an eight year, 100,000 mile warrantee on the batteries.

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