What has happened to Toyota? They really have lost their way. They trail-blazed a hybrid path with the original Prius way back in 1997 and sold a million in eleven years. The second million took just two years. All that was missing was a plug-in facility, which eventually arrived in 2012.

The hybrid was deemed a success by Toyota and so additional models were rolled out, including the British-made Auris. But no further models have the plug-in technology, which is one good reason for the company falling off the radar of many potential customers. For drivers whose journeys are mainly local, a plug-in facility makes so much more sense.

Current PHEV range:

Prius Plug-In


49 verses 89 g/km; 134.5 verses 72.4 mpg; 15.5 verses 2 miles electric only range. that’s the plug-in verses the non-plug-in. Ah, but there is the price of £28,394 (after deducting government grant) verses £25,295 for the most expensive non-plug-in Prius – Ouch!

Irrelevant Hybrid range:




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