This German company has taken to the plug-in hybrid in a big way and its resultant products are as impressive as the ‘standard’ cars.

Current PHEV range:

Panamera S E-Hybrid


With a 22 electric-only mile range, this is a car that can visit city zero-emission zones, then blast to 60mph in the country in only 5.5 seconds. All with Porsche’s unique style of luxury four-door performance.

918 Spyder


Porsche’s hypercar gives a real-world economy of around 30mpg, with mind-blowing acceleration road-holding and handling that make the over £800,000 price tag seem like a bargain.

Cayenne S E-Hybrid


A large performance SUV with, like the Panamera, a 22 mile electric-only range. The claimed economy is 83.1mpg and the emissions are 79g/km.

Future Product

Mission E


Due in 2020, this is Porsche’s first all-electric car. It accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds, while being able to travel up to 320 miles on a single charge. A specially designed charger has twice the capacity of current fast-chargers, allowing an 80% charge – that’s 250 sensibly driven miles – in just fifteen minutes.

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