C, E and S Classes all have hybrid versions, the S Class hybrid also coming with a diesel option.

Current PHEV range:


C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid


This car seems to have disappeared off the Mercedes Benz web site, but I am confident that it remains on sale. It has a 0 to 62mph of 6.6 seconds and a claimed economy of about 78mpg. Whilst the CO2 emissions are rated at 94g/km, the car is only in electric mode when travelling below 20mph and has a range of only a few miles, so is of limited value on the open road.

C 350 BlueTEC Hybrid

C 350 Plug-In Hybrid

Another diesel-engine C-Class, it also hits155 mph top speed, getting to 62mph in 5.9 seconds. The 19 mile electric-only range contributes to the claimed fuel consumption of 134.5 mpg, with CO2 emissions of 49g/km.


E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid


With a 0 to 62mph of 7.1 seconds and a 150mph top speed, this top class executive car is no slouch. The economy is claimed to be around 69mpg, giving a theoretical range of more than 890 miles.

Towing is limited compared with other E Classes, so bear this in mind when investigating a purchase. No more than 300kg, regardless of whether or not the trailer is braked.

S Class

S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid


This is a diesel-engined car, a rarity in the non-Mercedes-Benz hybrid world. Mind you, it retains its S Class hybrid brother’s 155 mph top speed and gets to 62mph in a respectable 7.6 seconds. The claimed fuel consumption is ‘only’ 61mpg allowing a single journey of up to 540 miles.

S 500 Plug-in Hybrid


0 to 62mph in 5.2 seconds. 155mph top speed. Free entry into congestion zones and no road tax. Terrain predictive sat nav. Massaging seats. Double-glazed windows. The most luxurious car one could reasonably imagine. What more could one want? How about a claimed 101mpg and a continent busting range of over 800 miles?

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