With a Formula One record to better all but Ferrari it is an almost certainty that, when they produce a road car, it will go straight to the top of the class. Now McLaren has a range of sports cars and every single one is entitled to be regarded with a sense of awe.

Current Hybrid range:

Like the Ferrari, I can’t resist. Also like the Ferrari, it is amongst the most technologically advanced hybrid units available and so deserves its place here. But even these minor excuses are not required as the P1 can be plugged in, and it also surpasses the minimum range requirement.



No longer in production, but its limited production successor is to be sold only to buyers of this model.

Emissions and economy? Who cares? This little rascal is concerned solely with maximising performance by maximising efficiency. Mind you, McLaren care, because the better the economy, the further you can drive before refuelling. So, this car has a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8, producing, when mated to the electric motors, power of 903bhp and torque of 722lb ft. That translates to a 0 to 62mph of 2.8 seconds. 186mph comes up in 16.5 seconds, which is 5.5 seconds quicker than the original McLaren hypercar, the F1. The P1’s top speed is lower, though, at a mere 217mph!

The efficiency allows for ten miles of electric-only driving and the fuel consumption is around 20mpg, allowing a range of around 280 miles. The fact that the car can be plugged into the mains, via a charge point located below the service flap, means that the car can be driven on short town journeys of almost seven miles, meaning guilt-free shopping trips. More seriously, when doing a track day, the driver can exit the garage fully charged, allowing maximum performance right from the start.



The P1’s replacement raises the game to 986bhp, is slightly more accelerative and slightly faster. It improves on the P1’s circuit capabilities and is an even more rounded car.

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